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Choosing Skin Care Products

SkinPerfect Burien-Darla Green


Anyone who is concerned about the effects of aging, sun and the environment upon their skin will usually have a personalized skin care regimen. This might include only a select brand of skin care products, or it might be a range of products from a variety of manufacturers. Continue reading

Skin Care Techniques – ‘personal Skin Care’ Is A Practice

It´s All In Her Eyes


Everybody knows that ‘personal skin care’ has a great significance. Different people have various views regarding ‘personal skin care’. Some people are of the opinion that visiting beauty parlors every next day will give personal skin care. However, some think that only by applying a lotion or some cream on their skin frequently gives personal skin care. Also, it is mere an episode for some people that occurs either once in a month or a year. Continue reading

Skin Care And Different Skin Type

Natural Looks - CAMOMILE


If your skin type is Oily – Use lathering cleanser, followed by toner for oily skin or clarifying lotion.
For Moisturiser – Oily skin does not need a moisturiser. During the day, a sunscreen can double up as a day moisturiser. Continue reading

Beauty – Tips On Product Ingredients You Don’t Want In Your Cosmetics

The stash!!


Ever wonder why organic products are on the rise? And why more and more beauty products are coming out as ‘natural & or organic’? Reasoning is because we are finding as women there are a lot of ingredients in our beauty products we don’t want to be using on our bodies.

Chemical-free skincare products are increasing as women are discovering just what they want and don’t want to put onto our bodies. Continue reading