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sexual attractions

Pheromones On Humans And Animals

Soul Meets Body


One area of research on human and animal pheromones and their ability to attract the opposite sex may show that women are looking for genetic differences between themselves and their potential partners. That may be what pheromones are intended to do.

Whatever their purpose the research clearly shows a link between smell and attraction. Human beings use their sense of smell as a means of survival. Survival also includes reproduction. Finding the correct mate to reproduce with is essential to survival of the species. This is where pheromones come into play. Continue reading

Pheromones – What’s It All About



What most of us do not know is that have people just like animals have pheromones. Pheromones, according to researchers, are substances secreted by the body capable of attracting members of the opposite sex. In animals, of course, the use of pheromones is more of necessity. It is used by animals for procreation purposes. Continue reading

Pheromones And Attraction

Summer trip 2. That view


We all have a natural scent which plays a big part when it comes to our attraction to the opposite sex, known as pheromone, which are released by humans, animals and insects in the form of massive amounts of biological chemicals found in body fluids such as tears, sweat and saliva. So what exactly is the link with pheromones and attraction, and does this account for the human notion of ´love at first sight? Continue reading