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dry skin

6 Tips To Follow To Avoid Dry Skin After A Hot Shower Or Bath

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If post-bathing itchiness has you down, take heart. Understanding the science behind this phenomenon will help you protect your skin and prevent future irritation. This article also explores how daily tender micro-exfoliation Continue reading

Choosing Skin Care Products

SkinPerfect Burien-Darla Green


Anyone who is concerned about the effects of aging, sun and the environment upon their skin will usually have a personalized skin care regimen. This might include only a select brand of skin care products, or it might be a range of products from a variety of manufacturers. Continue reading

Know Your Skin Type With These Simple Steps



Skin care is very important to avoid early appearance of wrinkles. To take proper care of your skin you need to know your skin type. This article discusses the types of skin and useful tips on skin care. Just read this article to know your skin type and avoid unwanted Continue reading

Understanding Skin Care Products For Combination Skin Types



There are many people with what is known as “combination” skin. This is generally when a t-shaped area of oiliness appears across the forehead and down the nose and even to the chin. The scalp and eyebrows too might accumulate oil or be extremely dry as well. Continue reading

Identifying Your Skin Type



Do you know your skin type? Are you using several products hoping that one will work? Most people are in a hit or miss situation with their skin care regimen because they do not know their skin type. Continue reading

Skin Care Products For Those With Dry Skin

Soothing 24hr moisture...


Unlike those dealing with chronically oily skin, people with dry skin may actually be doing things to create the condition. Simply failing to take in enough liquid each day can lead to dehydration, which shows up immediately in the skin. Additionally, some people with sensitive skin think that they merely have dry skin due to their reactions to detergents or certain soaps. Continue reading