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A Little Black Dress Takes You Everywhere



Coco Chanel is said to have invented the idea of a little black dress. Whether that is true or not, each decade produces enough homage to the concept that it has become synonymous with chic. Before Madame Chanel however, dresses were hardly little.
At the end of the Victorian age, dresses were frilly, heavy, fussy and stiff. It took much corseting to stand upright in one of these confabulations. Chanel, a visionary, removed all that from the wardrobes of women, eschewing complicated patterns and weaves for simple jersey. Continue reading

6 Tips To Follow To Avoid Dry Skin After A Hot Shower Or Bath

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If post-bathing itchiness has you down, take heart. Understanding the science behind this phenomenon will help you protect your skin and prevent future irritation. This article also explores how daily tender micro-exfoliation Continue reading

Shampoo For Alopecia: Promote New Hair Growth And Combat The Disease

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Believe it or not, there is shampoo for Alopecia that can act as an effective hair re-growth method. While there are few treatments on the market that can completely heal the disease and prevent hair loss from occurring in the future, special shampoo can maintain the positive results. Continue reading

Cosmetic Tips When On A Tight Budget

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Many items which were affordable in years past seem to cost more these days. Prices rise quickly, and saving money is on everyone’s mind. When it comes to cosmetics, some women feel that it is hard to justify spending money on expensive products when money is already tight. Luckily, there are many ways you can save money on cosmetics while still looking great! Here are some cosmetic tips you can use when your budget comes up short.

Cosmetics and the Frugal Philosophy

When you are buying cosmetics on a tight budget, the most important thing you can do is to adopt a frugal philosophy. What does that mean, exactly? Continue reading

E.l.f. – More Than Just Affordable Makeup

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Everywhere we look we are accosted by glossy, airbrushed images of what a beautiful woman is supposed to look like. Picture perfect fashion models and advertisements set a standard so high that many average women feel they can never live up to. The price of top-brand cosmetics prohibits most women from having the tools to create their best look. Continue reading

Anti-hair Loss Shampoos

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One easy to try option is a shampoo specifically designed to increase the health of existing hair and to reduce the rate of hair loss in both men and women. There are several sources to investigate specific shampoos, research studies which can be accessed to determine the effectiveness of many of these products. Continue reading

Schwarzkopf Shampoo – Why Is Everyone Talking About It?


Schwarzkopf Shampoo is famous in the whole world for being very affordable yet high quality shampoo for both guys and ladies of all ages. Schwarzkopf has actually grown to be one of the most well-liked hair care brands in the entire world. Schwarzkopf is specialized in hair care and styling goods and has more than a 100 yrs of knowledge and innovation in hair cosmetics. Continue reading

Know Your Skin Type With These Simple Steps



Skin care is very important to avoid early appearance of wrinkles. To take proper care of your skin you need to know your skin type. This article discusses the types of skin and useful tips on skin care. Just read this article to know your skin type and avoid unwanted Continue reading

Understanding Skin Care Products For Combination Skin Types



There are many people with what is known as “combination” skin. This is generally when a t-shaped area of oiliness appears across the forehead and down the nose and even to the chin. The scalp and eyebrows too might accumulate oil or be extremely dry as well. Continue reading

Skin Care Techniques – ‘personal Skin Care’ Is A Practice

It´s All In Her Eyes


Everybody knows that ‘personal skin care’ has a great significance. Different people have various views regarding ‘personal skin care’. Some people are of the opinion that visiting beauty parlors every next day will give personal skin care. However, some think that only by applying a lotion or some cream on their skin frequently gives personal skin care. Also, it is mere an episode for some people that occurs either once in a month or a year. Continue reading