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6 Tips To Follow To Avoid Dry Skin After A Hot Shower Or Bath


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If post-bathing itchiness has you down, take heart. Understanding the science behind this phenomenon will help you protect your skin and prevent future irritation. This article also explores how daily tender micro-exfoliation with a Clarisonic can add a glow by removing dead skin and opening underlying skin layers to moisturization, thereby preventing dryness.

Skin Biology 101: Sebum’s Role in Skin Health

Before we examine the problem of itchiness following a hot shower or bath, let’s establish an understanding of how human skin works. Skin is composed of many thin layers of cells. Throughout these layers of tissue, and especially on the surface layer, sebaceous glands produce oil. This oil, called sebum, is crucial for waterproofing and protecting the skin. Radiantly healthy has a good balance of moisture and sebum.

Just as heat dissipates oil in cooking, heated water removes oil from skin. Add to this the fact that oil is also lost in evaporation as the skin dries. What do most women do after a shower? They apply lab-created skin care products that contain alcohol and other drying agents. No wonder itchiness ensues. Fortunately, steps can be taken to minimize the effect of hot water and other detrimental factors, as described below.

Ways to Prevent Dry Skin Following a Hot Shower or Bath

1. Practice Tender Exfoliation. As you’re probably aware, exfoliation is important for healthy skin. It removes dead skin cells that can clog pores and cause blemishes. Moreover, additional moisture can enter the skin once these dead cells are whisked away. However, to avoid scrubbing away the protective layers of skin, which often leads to irritation, it’s best to be gentle in your exfoliation technique. Aim to exfoliate two times during each week.

You’ll probably notice how your skin glows following exfoliation. If you’d like to enjoy this glow every day, pick up a Clarisonic or Clarisonic Mia. Clarisonic products are gentle enough for daily use; they use soft bristles to polish skin.

2. Limit your Showers to Ten Minutes and Lower the Temperature. Shorter, cooler showers will reduce the amount of time your skin must spend under damaging hot water.

3. Stay Away from Talc-Based Cosmetics. If you frequently suffer from dry skin, choose mineral makeup. Talc-based products exacerbate dryness by absorbing moisture.

4. Seal in Moisture with an Oil-Based Product or a Natural Moisturizer. Moisturizing right after a shower or bath is a great idea. Doing so locks in the moisture from the shower and can prevent itchiness. We recommend natural moisturizers, or oil-based products. Oil quickly penetrates to the deepest layers of skin, and it doesn’t evaporate quickly like many lab-synthesized moisturizers do. Moreover, applying oil balances sebaceous glands’ production rates.

In addition to applying oil following a shower or bath, it’s smart to use a Clarisonic Mia or other Clarisonic skin polisher. Regular, gentle exfoliation opens up skin to absorb more moisture.

5. Gently blot skin to dry it. Rubbing skin with a towel removes sebum oil. Blot, don’t rub.

6. Prevent Sun Damage, which fosters dryness. Wear sunscreen religiously.

A long hot shower feels great when you’re under the water, but the ensuing itchiness and dryness can drive a person mad. Following the above tips and using a Clarisonic or Clarisonic Mia to gently remove dead skin cells can result in dewy, itch-free skin.

By: Christina B. Jefferson