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Best Kept Skin Care Secrets

best skin care secrets
All of the answers to your questions have been published in our all inclusive, tell all guide to skin care. It is based on the combined knowledge of doctors, industry insiders, and Celebrities health coaches.
Our guide book covers skin care like you’ve never heard before.  It not only tells you what works and what doesn’t, but it also goes into great depth to explain why, and what to look out for.
Check out Best Kept Skin Care Secrets Continue reading

A Perfect Guide To Get A Clear Skin In Under 24 Hours

easy skin care ebook

How much is beautiful clear skin truly worth?

The feeling of waking up every morning, proud to show off your enchanting complexion is truly priceless. Still, if you are looking at turning to the professionals you may notice your credit cards to soon be maxed out. Cosmetic surgery costs thousands in dollars.

Check out A Perfect Guide To Get A Clear Skin In Under 24 Hours Continue reading

A Little Black Dress Takes You Everywhere



Coco Chanel is said to have invented the idea of a little black dress. Whether that is true or not, each decade produces enough homage to the concept that it has become synonymous with chic. Before Madame Chanel however, dresses were hardly little.
At the end of the Victorian age, dresses were frilly, heavy, fussy and stiff. It took much corseting to stand upright in one of these confabulations. Chanel, a visionary, removed all that from the wardrobes of women, eschewing complicated patterns and weaves for simple jersey. Continue reading

6 Tips To Follow To Avoid Dry Skin After A Hot Shower Or Bath

03/365 Splishy splashy *Explored*


If post-bathing itchiness has you down, take heart. Understanding the science behind this phenomenon will help you protect your skin and prevent future irritation. This article also explores how daily tender micro-exfoliation Continue reading

Makeup Tips In The World Of Cosmetic Products

Decisions Decisions


Throughout the ages women have been using various ways to use makeup of some sort to enhance their beauty and make themselves more alluring. Makeup itself has also evolved to become more effective but at the same time easier on a woman’s delicate facial skin.

There are some basic makeup tips that will help you to look better and also help your makeup last longer. Continue reading

Covering Acne With Mineral Makeup



Mineral makeup is a wonder makeup that people of any skin type can use it, especially if you have any skin imperfection. Unlike the usual way that you might call the ‘traditional’ makeup, mineral makeup have all the health benefits for soothing and heal various skin imperfections. Continue reading

Makeup Beauty Products And Different Kinds Of Makeup



As a woman I am very attach to cosmetics. I can not handle to go to the office with out makeup. I admit my bag has a lot of makeup beauty products which include: facial powder, lip gloss and lipstick, blush on, eye shadows, and mascara. I just hate it to see if my face is very oily or my lips are cracked. Continue reading

Aromatherapy Skin Care The Right Way

Pure Jasmine and Rose Oil - Perfume - All Natural Essential Rose and Jasmine Oil ~ Bridal Perfume


Every person has different needs for their skin. Depending on your age and type of skin you have, you will need different things for your skin. Whether you, your family, or your baby uses products, every one will like certain types of cleansers, lotions, toners and other treatments to keep your skin smooth and healthy. Continue reading

Types Of Shampoos And Their Use

Original Source Shampoo


Shampoos are a general product for hair care. It helps in the removal of dirt, oils, dandruff, skin particles and environmental pollutants along with other contaminants that keeps on accumulating in hair gradually. All these unwanted contaminants are removed by a shampoo so as to make hair manageable and lustrous that further aids in their styling.

As the lather is created when the shampoo is combined with water, it act as a surfactant, that while the scalp and hair are cleaned helps in the removal of natural oils Continue reading